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2018 Coffs Coast 4WD Caravan & Camping Show 2018 Show Exhibitors Catch the Open 10am–4pm Saturday June 16 & Sunday June 17 at Cofs Harbour Racecourse Free Bus! AREA A E3 ���������������A1 Engine Tuning (Cofs A1 ��������������Travellin Cappucinos Harbour) A2 ��������������Easyklip (ACT) E6 ���������������Ozpig Australia (Kunda Park, Buses will be running regularly to and A3 ��������������Cofs Canvas Qld) A4 ��������������Cofs Coast Isuzu Ute E7 ���������������Shannons Insurance (West End, from parking at the Coffs Harbour A5-A7 ��������Avan Port Macquarie Qld) A8 ��������������Bridgestone Select & Ironman E8 ���������������Galways Go Round (Sandy Education Campus to the 4WD Caravan 4x4 Beach) A9-A10 ������Supreme & Leader Caravans E10 �������������Cruisin Cappucinos & Camping Show A11-A12 ���Ballina Campervan & E11 �������������Cutlers Tyrepower (Cofs Motorhome Centre Harbour) 9.30am–4.00pm A13-A14 ���Yamba Caravan Centre E12 �������������St John Ambulance First Aid A15 ������������RV Connection (St Marys) Saturday & Sunday A16-A17 ���Cofs Harbour RVs A18-A19 ���Green RV (Forest Glen, Qld) AREA F A20-A21 ���Fleetwood RV (Forrestfeld, F1 ���������������Solarbright (Preston, NSW) WA) F2-F3 ���������West Kunderang Recreational A22 ������������Australia Wide Annexes (Forest Retreat Glen, Qld) F4 ���������������Bay Audio (Cofs Harbour) A23 ������������Kimberley Kampers (Ballina) F5-F6 ���������Clarence Coast Holiday Parks A24 ������������Geof King Motors F7 ���������������APIA Insurance F8 ���������������BJ Enterprises & Marketing Hogbin Drive (Buladelah) Coffs Harbour AREA B F9 ���������������Cofs Harbour Racing Club Racecourse B1 ���������������Free 24/7 Lifestyle F10 �������������Bago Wines (Wauchope) (Tallebudgera Valley, Qld) F11 �������������Property Super (Cofs Harbour) B2 ���������������BJ Enterprises & Marketing F12 �������������Ultimate Health & Well Being (Buladelah) (Tinbeerwah, Qld) B3 ���������������Malandy Outdoor Adventure F13-F14 �����Anrise Imports ((Little (Tomastown, Vic) Mountain, Qld) B4-B6 ���������4WD & Ute Extras (Cofs F15 �������������Rapidclean (Cofs Harbour) Hogbin Drive Harbour) F16 �������������Australian Hearing B16 �������������All Diesel Equipment (Cofs F17-A18 ����Te Coogee Luggage Company Harbour) (Highland Park, Qld) B17 �������������Skee Kayak & SUP Centre F19-A20 ����Adjusta Mattresses (Woolgoolga) (Molendinar, Qld) PARK HERE F21 �������������Grafon 2 Yamba Houseboats and catch the AREA D F22 �������������Model Railroad Display D1 ��������������Active Campers (Woolgoolga) free shuttle bus D2 ��������������Roads & Maritime Service D5 ��������������Smarttek (Cofs Harbour) AREA G D6 ��������������Harbour City Caravans (Cofs G1 ��������������Cofs Canvas Doug Harbour) G2-G3 �������Stoney Creek Campers Knight Drive D7 ��������������Hinterland Caravans (Burleigh (Heatherbrae) Heads, Qld) G4-G5 �������Precision Motors (Armidale) D8 ��������������Caravans Cofs Coast G6 ��������������Cofs Coast Isuzu Ute Access from the north is by taking the second exit of the roundabout at AREA E AREA H Howard Street/Hogbin Drive, continuing until reaching a lef turn onto Doug E1 ���������������Camplify (Newcastle) H1-H2 �������Signature Camper Trailers Knight Drive at the Cofs Harbour Education Campus (CHEC, “the uni”) E2 ���������������Supaft Seat Covers (Castle Hill) and following signage� (Welshpool, WA) H3-H9 �������Australiana Village Display Access from the south is by turning right at the roundabout on Hogbin Drive For further information, including our full site map, please visit at the Cofs Harbour Education Campus (third exit), turning on to Doug our website – Knight Drive and following signage� See the range of See the ALBANY Z and the STIRLING Z – lighter options for smaller SUVs HARD FLOOR at the 2018 4WD CARAVAN & CAMPING SHOW CAMPERS See the – SHOW • ALBANY Z • LINCOLN LX available in forward fold and rear fold • PARKES 13 • PARKES 15 SPECIALS • STIRLING GT • STIRLING Z confgurations, from Hybrid Caravans Finance T.A.P. Camper Trailers $12,500 Keona Circuit, Cofs Harbour NSW 2450 & Campers Phone 6651 2960 Coffs Harbour dealer for Ezytrail campertrailers & caravans
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